Genetic consequences of asexual and sexual polyploidization

P = 0.0P = 0.5
No. of possible allelesAsexualSDR × FDRAsexualSDR × FDR
Two alleles
    No. of genotypes1215
Four alleles
    No. of genotypes624635
Six alleles
    No. of genotypes159015126
Eight alleles
    No. of genotypes2822428330
  • Coefficient of inbreeding and number of genotypes at a locus adjacent to the centromere (P = 0) and distal to the centromere (P = 0.5) in tetraploid populations originated through asexual polyploidization and bilateral sexual polyploidization (SDR × FDR crosses), assuming various numbers of possible alleles in the original diploid populations (from Watanabe et al. 1991).