Estimated selection coefficients for eight genomic regions

Genomic regionSelection coefficient (s)a
ChromosomeMarker or
marker interval
Landsberg genetic
Niederzenz genetic
1AthGENEA0.194 (0.096-0.269)0.045 (0-0.147)
1nga6920.046 (0.004-0.088)0.340 (0.201-0.438)
2nga11260.253 (0.180-0.309)0.471 (0.359-0.618)
3AthGAPAB0.239 (0.161-0.329)0.249 (0.160-0.359)
3nga60.013 (0-0.123)0.171 (0-0.307)
4AthDET1-g38830.598 (0.552-0.663)0.685 (0.647-0.725)
5nga1510.341 (0.245-0.463)0.547 (0.449-0.628)
5nga1290.291 (0.208-0.355)0.471 (0.353-0.644)
  • a Selection coefficients are estimated from Figure 3, A and B, and are based on the mean frequency deviations of markers or the average of deviations for markers flanking an interval (i.e., AthDET1-g3883). Parentheses indicate the range of selection coefficients associated with standard errors for marker frequencies in the experimental populations (see Figure 2) or the average of the standard errors for markers flanking an interval (i.e., AthDET1-g3883).