The expectation and coefficient of variation for Rh for a model with a recombination hotspot in the center of the region (for details see text) and uniform mutation rates of 5, 10, and 20

Subset size
5E (Rh)1.482.202.933.00
5Coeff. var.0.550.510.550.57
10E (Rh)
10Coeff. var.0.490.420.390.41
20E (Rh)3.354.465.555.70
20Coeff. var.0.450.390.350.35
  • The sample size is fixed at 50 and the ancestral type is assumed known at each locus. The columns correspond to different subset parameters for the bound; thus the first col- umn actually refers to Rm; for the other columns, a maximal subset width of 12 was used. For each parameter set, 10,000 simulated samples were created and the estimates for the different widths are all based on this same data set.