A Bfa1p/Bub2p-independent cytokinesis defect in cdc5 mutants

% chained cells
CDC5 CDC14TAB6-10.0
CDC5 bfa1Δ0.6
CDC5 bub2Δ3.2
cdc5-1 CDC14TAB6-13.4
cdc5-1 bfa1Δ3.7
cdc5-1 bub2Δ6.9
cdc5-3 CDC14TAB6-113.5
cdc5-3 bfa1Δ23.7
cdc5-3 bub2Δ24.5
cdc5-4 CDC14TAB6-118.0
cdc5-4 bfa1Δ28.3
cdc5-4 bub2Δ28.5
cdc5-7 CDC14TAB6-125.4
cdc5-7 bfa1Δ36.1
cdc5-7 bub2Δ39.1
  • Cells were grown at 23° and then shifted to 37° for 3.5 hr prior to fixation. After sonication, >300 cells were counted to determine the percentage of cells with connected cell bod- ies (% chained cells). Cells with more than three cell bodies were counted as chained cells. CDC5, KLY2470; CDC5 CDC14TAB6-1, KLY2970; CDC5 bfa1Δ, KLY2374; CDC5 bub2Δ, KLY2573; cdc5-1 CDC14TAB6-1, KLY2946; cdc5-1 bfa1Δ, KLY3826; cdc5-1 bub2Δ, KLY3831; cdc5-3 CDC14TAB6-1, KLY2950; cdc5-3 bfa1Δ, KLY3828; cdc5-3 bub2Δ, KLY3832; cdc5-4 CDC14TAB6-1, KLY2954; cdc5-4 bfa1Δ, KLY3829; cdc5-4 bub2Δ, KLY3834; cdc5-7 CDC14TAB6-1, KLY2958; cdc5-7 bfa1Δ, KLY3371; cdc5-7 bub2Δ, KLY3375.