Comparison of hotspot alleles from this screen and the BDGP collection

GeneSiteProbable functionAlleles in
this study
Alleles in
Spradlinget al. (1990)
kis21 B3-4Myb DNA-binding domain2227
S21 E2Component of the plasma membrane210
for24 A2-3cGMP-dependent protein kinase455
vkg25 C1Collagen type IV313
Cg25C25 C1-2Collagen type IV166
elF-4a26 A9-B1Translation initiation factor2511
Chi26 A9-B1Actin binding413
mts28 D1-3Protein serine/threonine phosphatase124
Pka-C130 C5-7Protein serine/threonine kinase613
sop30 E1-7Structural protein of ribosome123
bun33 E1-7Transcription factor1720
esg35 C5-D1Transcription factor3714
crp35 F6-7Transcription factor2011
neb38 B4-6Chromatin binding135
EcR42 A1-3Transcription factor113
Uba146 A1-3Ubiquitin-activating enzyme169
lola47 A9-13Transcription factor4724
Shn47 D5-7Transcription factor197
mam50 C23-D3Mesoderm determination511
apt59 F1Transcription factor143
tsr60 B1-2Actin depolymerization109
  • For each strain the table gives the gene name, cytogenetic location of the gene (Site), the probable function, the number of alleles from this screen, and the number of alleles in the BDGP collection.