Meiotic telomere behavior in pam1 mutants and wild-type siblings: number of cells found in each telomere clustering class

Wild typepam1 mutant
Genotype stageLL-ZZZ-PPLL-ZZZ-PP
Telomere status
    1. Telomeres spread out inside nucleus70000120000
    2. Telomeres tether to NE or rim-like distribute on NE31000961031
    3. Bouquet imperfect: loose bouquet, some telomeres outside bouquet, or a few clusters of telomeres006400116213
    4. Perfect bouquet00241000501
    5. Dissociated bouquet
        A. Completely00012700108
        B. Incompletely00001300000
  • Underlined numbers on the left side of table show dramatic changes in telomere clustering in prophase I in normal meiosis. Underlined numbers on the right side of table show inhibition of meiotic telomere movement in pam1 meiocytes. L, leptotene; L-Z, leptotene-zygotene transition; Z, zygotene; Z-P, zygotene-pachytene; P, pachytene.