QTL for bolting date under short and long days in the phytotron and in fall and spring seasonal cohorts in Rhode Island and North Carolina

TraitChromosomeQTL map position in
cM (nearest marker)
support limit
(cM range)
Short days in phytotron149.45 (CATTS039)41.64-54.6631.6-0.120.14
241.55 (er)39.24-45.0531.8-0.150.14
279.76 (RRS2)69.05-79.7621.90.100.08
458.74 (JGB9)47.70-69.3920.60.100.09
469.31 (mi232)47.70-69.3919.20.090.08
5126.05 (SNP153)121.54-129.6534.10.170.16
Fall cohort in Rhode Island188.81 (agp1e)82.71-97.7115.1-0.140.04
193.15 (CH.215L)91.01-96.8719.7-0.170.06
240.89 (er)39.24-44.0544.2-0.280.15
353.40 (ve021)47.39-56.9039.20.200.12
40.01 (mi51)0.01-3.3225.10.190.07
456.40 (AG)53.02-58.7424.20.160.08
584.01 (mi83)69.67-90.9617.4-0.140.04
5128.15 (CATHHANK)122.54-132.1537.90.210.12
Fall cohort in North Carolina15.40 (apx1A)0.01-11.1714.9-0.040.06
115.27 (ATTS0477)11.17-15.5714.6-0.040.06
1111.73 (mi103)111.73-114.2424.90.070.16
1123.82 (ve011)121.62-127.0934.10.090.18
260.27 (ve018)42.05-79.7614.80.040.06
276.26 (RRS2)42.05-79.7614.10.040.06
450.23 (mi260)43.45-62.1016.20.050.07
456.90 (AG)43.45-62.1014.50.050.07
558.40 (mi291b)54.91-63.1723.8-0.060.10
5127.05 (ve032)106.45-132.1510.10.030.04+
Long days in phytotron10.01 (ve001)0.01-11.1714.3-0.180.07
216.93 (g4133)10.20-29.1518.30.200.08
225.15 (mi398)10.20-29.1516.30.200.07
242.55 (er)36.74-50.0523.2-0.250.13
519.60 (ve033)16.60-24.4226.70.350.15
5125.05 (SNP153)120.09-128.1535.20.280.19
Spring cohort in Rhode Island10.01 (ve001)0.01-3.0132.9-0.200.15
1111.73 (mi103)111.73-136.3715.30.140.07
1123.32 (ve011)119.04-131.3725.50.180.10
20.05 (ve012)0.01-12.0015.20.130.06
361.07 (g4564b)49.89-71.9413.90.120.06
514.34 (g3837)10.01-31.4218.50.150.08
519.60 (ve033)9.73-31.2718.50.150.08
5110.99 (emb514)109.45-132.1513.80.130.07
5125.05 (SNP153)116.33-128.1521.30.150.09
Spring cohort in North Carolina10.01 (ve001)0.01-11.1713.6-0.160.07
15.40 (apx1A)0.01-11.1714.3-0.160.08
184.35 (mi209)79.82-96.3717.5-0.190.10
189.81 (agp1e)79.82-97.7114.1-0.180.09
1126.59 (agp64)120.04-134.8720.40.210.13
49.77 (mi301)6.08-13.3416.7-0.220.10
5122.04 (g2368)114.99-132.1514.10.170.08
5127.55 (CATHHANK)114.99-132.1514.10.160.08
  • QTL for each trait were mapped using composite interval mapping within each geographic region and season. The first three columns indicate the chromosomal location of the QTL, the nearest marker locus, and the centimorgan range defining the 2-LOD support limits around the QTL. The LR is the test statistic for composite interval mapping, the significance of which is determined through permutation analyses (Doerge and Churchill 1996); for all traits, the significance threshold for an experiment-wide error rate of α= 0.05 was <14.2. The “+” symbol denotes a QTL significant at α< 0.15. The second to last column denotes the additive effects. Effects are positive if the Col allele confers bolting later than the Ler allele and negative if the Col allele confers bolting earlier. The final column shows the proportion of variance explained by a QTL, which was calculated as the proportion of the model sums of squares explained by a given QTL in an ANOVA including all significant QTL as main effects.