Sequence analysis of 11-bp reading frames that exhibit ACS-related sequences within the AT-rich regions of the 2D8 and 105N20 repeats and the potato rDNA IGS

SequenceTotal bases% ATExp. ACS
Obs. ACS
Chi-squareP value
2D8 AT cluster 1121782.8280.31057.570.0059*
2D8 AT cluster 2117981.3472.6978.170.0043*
105N20 AT cluster206582.96133.018520.3<0.0001*
Potato IGS36779.5618.2285.260.0219
2D8 AT cluster 1121782.821.20728.1<0.0001*
2D8 AT cluster 2117981.341.0633.520.0607
105N20 AT cluster206582.961.9155.020.025
Potato IGS36779.560.2412.470.1157
  • * Significant difference (P ≤ 0.01) between observed and expected frequencies of ACS-related elements. Exp., expected; obs., observed.