Decreases in mating and filamentation in mutation accumulation lines of Cryptococcus neoformans over 600 asexual generations

Trait measuresaJEC50 (MATα ade-)MCC3 (MATaura-)
    Mean decrease (range)0.6761 (0.0751-0.8636)0.7879 (0.6062-0.8764)
    Mean loss (range)0.2488 (0.0456-0.5431)0.4045 (0.2674-0.5795)
  • The mutational parametersÛmin, âmax, and h 2m are defined in materials and methods. The maximum decrease of mating ability was 1 when no mated cells were observed, and the maximum loss of filamentation was 1 when none of the mated cells were able to form hyphae.

  • a Please refer to materials and methods for calculations.