Base addition/deletion rates for mutant RB69 DNA polymerases without and with accessory proteins

Pol+ Exo-PolM Exo+PolM Exo-
Base addition or
deletions (opportunities)a
1 base (199)4035533724101028182421
    In nonrun (97)18741643392165
    In 2-base run (58)126521081010882030
    In 3-base run (27)2221671020654040
    In 4-base run (12)7121418723010314020
    In 5-base run (5)18530839050227090
-(2-436) basesb2345407000608051850230
  • Rates were calculated as described in the legend to Table 5.

  • a The number of detectable sites is unambiguously defined for the single-base events.

  • b The number of detectable sites is not defined for the larger deletions, and their mutation rates are therefore not normalized to numbers of opportunities and appear correspondingly larger than the other values.