Characteristics of complex mutations produced by wild-type and mutant RB69 DNA polymerases in vitro without and with accessory proteins

PolymeraseAPsTarget bases in lacZαSequence changeDonor
Pol+ Exo--98-99CCCTGG → CCCCGNone
-(44-43)ACCCC → ATCCNone
133-139CCCCTTT → GCTATTA131-151a
PolM Exo+--(69-43)27-mer → 11-mer101-111b
  • a 131-TCCCCCTTTCGCCAGCTGGCG-151 → GCTATTA, the reverse complement of 140-CGCCAGCTGGCGTAATAGCGA-160. The sequence 140-152 is also shown because it is a 6:6 palindrome that might (or might not) have contributed to the formation of this mutation.

  • b (-82)-GCAACGCAATTAATGTGAGTTAGCTCACTCATTAGGCACCCCAGGCTTT-(-34) GTTGGGTAACG, the reverse complement of 92-AAACCCTGGCGTTACCCAACTTAATCGCCTTGC-124. Italicized bases mark three imperfections in the palindrome.