Third chromosome crossing over (cM) in mei-P22 mutants

Third chromosome
genetic interval (cM)
Total map
(% of wild type)b
Genotypest cuacu ee ca
mei-P22206/mei-P222065.06.717.629.3 (57.6)1511
mei-P22N1/mei-P22N13. (12.4)487
mei-P22103/mei-P221030. (0.3)1703
mei-P22103/mei-P22103 (X-ray)c6.27.47.621.2 (41.6)434
P{mei-P223XHA}9/+; mei-P221031. (112.6)1309
Second chromosome genetic intervalTotal map
(% of wild type)b
mei-P22N1/mei-P22N10.50.50.501.5 (4.2)937
mei-P221/mei-P2210. (4.2)2590
  • For the third chromosome, th st cu e ca/+++++ females were crossed to ru h th st cu e Pr ca/TM6B males. For the second chromosome, al dp b pr cn/+++++ females were crossed to al dp b pr cn males.

  • a This interval includes the centromeric region.

  • b The map distance between th and ca or al and cn. The percentage of the wild-type control is in parentheses.

  • c Data are from the 4- to 6-day brood, the most sensitive to X-irradiation (see text). In this experiment, and in the others in this table, approximately equal numbers of the reciprocal crossover progeny were recovered.