Common names of D. melanogaster in general genetics texts and treatises 1911-1945

AuthorDate of
Common name
Castle1911Pomace fly
Bateson1913Pomace fly
Walter1914Pomace fly
Conklin1922Pomace fly
Castle1923Small fruit fly/vinegar or pomace fly
Morgan et al.1925Vinegar fly
Shull1925Fruit fly
Jones1925Fruit fly
Sinnott and Dunn1925Vinegar fly
Babcock and Clausen1927Vinegar fly
Altenberg1928Fruit fly
Baur1930Fruit fly (Fruchtfliege)
Snyder1934Small fruit fly or vinegar fly
Jennings1935Fruit fly
Sturtevant and Beadle1939No common name
Waddington1939Fruit fly
Guyenot1945Vinegar fly (Mouche de Vinaigre)