Summary of estimates of ΔV for second chromosome relative viability (standard Drosophila medium, 25°)

ExperimentType of MA linesGenerationsDensityΔV
Mukai (1964), Mukai and Yamazaki (1968)Chrom. 232High2.21
Mukai et al. (1972)Chrom. 240High1.90
Ohnishi (1974, 1977)Chrom. 240Low0.83
Chavarrías et al. (2001)Full-sib250–255High0.69a
This study—standard treatmentChrom. 227–35High3.97
This study—low density treatmentChrom. 227–31Low0.55
  • All estimates have been multiplied by 104. Estimates from the Mukai and Ohnishi studies were recalculated as described in the appendix. Chrom., chromosome.

  • a Mean of the estimates for generations 250 and 255 in Table 5. This article used a slightly different method for calculating ΔV (see appendix).