Analysis of P-loss progeny

Expt.aDuplication length (bp)Template on homologProgeny scoredWhite eyesSampled for PCRbPrecise loss among white-eyed progeny% precise lossc
A8No830131 (15.8%)474 (8.5%)1.3
B158No1019606 (59.5%)5751 (89.5%)53.3
C1290No1000824 (82.4%)9494 (100.0%)82.4
Dd8Yes2497385 (15.4%)18687 (46.5%)7.2
E1290Yes1018933 (91.7%)5050 (100.0%)91.7
  • a Letters refer to the experiments shown in Figure 3.

  • b Only one white-eyed son per cross was used for the samples in column 6, to ensure that only independent events were analyzed.

  • c Estimates of precise loss are the products of percentages in columns 5 and 7. These values represent the estimated proportion of all flies scored that were both w and had reverted precisely to the original structure.

  • d Data in row D are from experiments reported previously (Preston and Engels 1996) plus additional data (our unpublished results).