Coverage probability of the confidence intervals and average bias of the point estimates as functions of mutation rate and sequence length

10,0002.5 × 10-84 × 1050.00164830.990.140192.60
1,0002.5 × 10-74 × 1050.00165010.990.146192.60
50,0002.5 × 10-84 × 1050.00165040.9730.001639512.85
5,0002.5 × 10-74 × 1050.00165120.9770.002449412.85
  • ℓ is the length of the sequenced region; μ is the per site mutation rate; N0 is the present effective population size; g is the growth rate per generation; T is the mean simulated TMRCA; coverage is the estimated coverage probability of the 95% confidence interval; bias is defined in (14); k is the number of segregating sites; and H is the mean total heterozygosity among the segregating sites. The quantities T, bias, H, and k are averaged over 1000 simulated genealogies for a given set of parameters. Twenty sequences are simulated in each genealogy.