Association between flowering time and indels in population samples of B. nigra

GermanyNPNPNP2, 470.880.42
Greece4, 351.10.372, 3714.9<0.0001
Portugal4, 230.280.89NPNPNP
Spain7, 200.930.511, 265.40.028
Italy 23, 150.540.661, 205.00.037
Italy 32, 201.10.351, 2117.90.0004
Overalla20, 1770.880.617, 19212.0<0.0001
  • Analysis of variance was used to test the association between flowering time and indels (Ind1 and Ind2) in the Bni COL1 gene. The tests were performed separately for each population and in a nested model with country of origin and genotype within country as factors. NP, not polymorphic among plants assessed for flowering time.

  • a Calculated from nested ANOVA (genotype within country).