Allele frequencies and linkage disequilibrium at two indels (Ind1 and Ind2) in the B. nigra COL1 gene and average flowering time in natural populations

Populationna134137140143147153Ind2 SLDanFTFT
Germany1340.9900.010000.800.046121.7 ± 0.6
Greece820.8200.07000.100.650.014012.8 ± 1.3
Italy 102612.6 ± 1.0
Spain560.320.0900.2100.380.860.01289.6 ± 0.6
Portugal580.6800.27000.051518.2 ± 0.4
Ethiopia320000101305.2 ± 0.4
Italy 2400.880.050.02000.050.280.05NC
Italy 3460.930.040000.020.130.30NC
  • na, number of alleles scored at Ind1 and Ind2; nFT, number of plants scored for flowering time; LD, linkage disequilibrium; FT, flowering time; NC, not comparable (flowering time for these populations was estimated in a separate experiment and not comparable to the rest).

  • a P value from linkage disequilibrium test.