QTL for molar centroid size

QTLLODProximal markerMarker distanceCentromere distanceMarker CICentromere CI%aSEadSE d
QTL-CS 7.15.41**D7Mit211011D7Mit21+ 0-D7Ndsl+ 01-532.141.088*0.4481.3520.750
QTL-CS 7.2D7MU17875D7Mit7+ 0-D7MH9+1067-916.57−2.110**0.3920.4890.591
QTL-CS 14.15.00**D14MU51458D14MU5+ 6-D14MU7+ 050-645.461.783**0.3931.1730.632
  • Each QTL is designated as QTL-CS followed by its chromosome number and an extension of 1 or 2 to indicate whether it was the first or second QTL on that chromosome. Locations and confidence intervals (CI) are given in terms of the distance from the nearest proximal marker and from the centromere. LOD scores from the significance tests and the percentage of effect for each QTL are provided. Additive (a) and dominance (d) genotypic values and their standard errors (SE; all × 102) obtained from multiple regressions also are given. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01.