Southern blot analysis in an allotetraploid and its diploid progenitors

Alteration of the hybridization pattern
ProbeaOrigin of the transcriptCopy no.TypebTimingc
RAIF3sharonensisLowCytosine methylationS1
RAIF13aegilopoidesLowGene lossF1
RAIF16aegilopoidesLowGene lossF1
RAIF17aegilopoidesLowNo alteration
RAIF18aegilopoidesLowNo alteration
RAIF30aegilopoidesLowCytosine methylationS1
RAIF31aegilopoidesLowNo alteration
RAIF32aegilopoidesLowGene lossS1
RAIF34aegilopoidesLowCytosine methylationS1
RAIF35aegilopoidesLowNo alteration
RAIF40Both parentsLowCytosine methylationF1
  • ND, no data.

  • a Twelve transcripts that were expressed in one or both diploid parents and disappeared in the first generation of the allotetraploid (S1) were used as probes in Southern blots (see details in Table 2).

  • b No alteration, no deviation from additivity between the parents, F1, and S1 amphiploid. Gene loss was considered when all enzymes (HpaII, MspI, EcoRI, DraI, EcoRV, and HindIII) tested showed band disappearance.

  • c Generation when the alteration occurred. Cases with no alteration (−) are not relevant. Alterations occurring in F1 were maintained in S1.