cDNA-AFLP analysis in an allotetraploid and its diploid progenitors

Expression alteration in allopolyploidb
TissueTotal no. of transcriptsaTranscript absent in allopolyploid (%)New transcript in allopolyploid (%)Total alterations (%)
Leaves187229 (1.6)10 (0.5)39 (2.1)
Root tips120019 (1.6)2 (0.2)21 (1.8)
Total307248 (1.6)12 (0.4)60 (2.0)
  • a Each cDNA-AFLP band was considered as a different transcript. The 1872 leaf transcripts are derived from 37 pairs of selective primers and the 1200 root-tip transcripts are from 25 pairs of selective primers. Monomorphic transcripts (similar in both parents) were scored only once.

  • b Only qualitative alterations were scored, namely, disappearance of parental transcripts in the allotetraploid or appearance of a new transcript in the allotetraploid. The percentage of altered bands is out of the total number of transcripts.