Enhancement of the multiple hair cell phenotypes of in and fy by the reduction of mwh dose

GenotypeFraction of multiple hair cellsa
in1/Df(in)0.73 (0.06)
mwh in1/+ Df(in)0.84 (0.03)
Dp(mwh) in1/Df(in)0.70 (0.07)
Dp(mwh) in1/mwh Df(in)0.75 (0.06)
inII53/Df(in)0.22 (0.11)
mwh inII53/+ Df(in)0.38 (0.11)
fy20.79 (0.05)
fy2; mwh/+0.91 (0.06)
  • in1 and fy2 are null alleles of inturned and fuzzy, respectively, and inII53 is a weak inturned allele.

  • a The fraction of multiple hair cells was scored in a 20 × 5 cell box in the C region of the wing just anterior to the posterior cross vein. The standard deviation is given in parentheses. We have used this region previously (Wong and Adler 1993). Five to 15 wings were scored for each genotype.