Crossing over and nondisjunction in sub1794 females

Genetic interval
Female genotypeType of progenyDiplo-XNullo-Xy–cvcv–ff–cenTotal
y cv f/+; sub1794/sub1794Regulara10.732.1b2221
Diplo-Xa1611789.9 (4)34.8 (14)7.4 (9)
y cv f/+; sub1794/+Regular9.023.9b500
Female genotypeType of progenyDiplo-2Nullo-2al–dpdp–bb–cenParents
al dp b sub1794/sub1794Regularc13.125.55.1
Diplo-21523159.2 (7)13.2 (10)2.6 (2)137
  • cen, centromere. Two map distances are given: “Diplo-X” is the frequency of crossing over among chromosomes that failed to segregate (the number of crossover progeny is in parentheses) and “regular” is the frequency of crossing over among chromosomes that segregated properly.

  • a In the y cv f/+ experiments the regular and diplo-X map distance data were collected in the same experiment.

  • b This interval could not be measured among the regular progeny in this cross. On the standard map it is 9.3 MU (Lindsley and Zimm 1992) and in a separate experiment with sub1794; y pn cv f · y+/+ females, where we could determine the forked to centromere distance, it was 6.1 MU (total progeny, 511).

  • c For the al dp b/+ experiment, the map data among the regular progeny were collected in a separate experiment.