Tetrad analysis of MLH1/MLH1 and mlh1Δ/mlh1Δ diploids sporulated and germinated at 30°

Marker at ARG4
MMR genotype: Diploid:MLH1/MLH1 1mlh1Δ/mlh1Δ3MLH1/MLH1 2mlh1Δ/mlh1Δ 4
Tetrads scored10884961041714
Spore viability (%)95729572
ARG4 aberrants (%)
PMS/ARG4 aberrants0/5419/410/1026/42
URA3-TRP1 genetic distance (cM)
  • The indicated diploid strains (Table 1) were analyzed for spore viability, ARRG4 aberrants, and genetic map distance as described in materials and methods. Aberrant events include all tetrads that deviated from 4:4 segregation (Fogel et al. 1978); with rare exceptions, gene conversions consisted of the 6:2 and 2:6 class of tetrads and postmeiotic segregation (PMS) the 5:3 and 3:5 class of tetrads. PMS/ARG4 aberrants represents the proportion of aberrant ARG4 events that displayed PMS.