Percentage identity of fungal histones to N. crassa histones

H2Aa (%)H2Ba (%)H3a (%)H4a (%)
A. capsulatusNANA97.1NA
A. niger95.6NANANA
A. oryzaeNANANA99.0
B. fuckeliana90.086.598.599.0 (1)
100 (2)
E. nidulans96.387.497.899.0 (1)
97.1 (2)
F. sporotrichioides97.896.4NA100b
P. anserina96.397.8NANA
K. marzianusNANA94.9NA
S. pastorianusNANANA92.2
S. cerevisiae83.9 (1)77.9 (1)94.9 (1,2)92.2 (1,2)
84.7 (2)76.4 (2)
S. pombe86.8 (1,2)74.892.6 (1,2)92.2(1,2,3)
91.9 (3)
Z. bailiiNANA94.9NA
A. bisporus74.369.5NA91.3
C. neoformansNA71.489.9NA
M. alpinaNANA91.9 (1,2)94.2 (1,2)
P. chrysosporiumNANANA91.3 (1,2)
  • NA, not available.

  • a In those organisms in which it is known that a given histone is encoded by multiple genes, the particular gene product being compared is indicated by its number designation in parentheses.

  • b A second gene encoding H4 is omitted, because it has been only partially sequenced (Roe et al. 2001c).