Detecting recombination with mutations at intermediate frequencies

GenomeGeneSPLPTPr2Embedded Image Embedded Image Reference
MeaslesH590.0670.048*0.002*3.0Woelk et al. (2001)
H. pyloriflaA300.000*0.000*0.000*44Suerbaum et al. (1998)
HIV2env12970.000*0.0590.242>100Kuiken et al. (2000)
HIV2env31830.018*0.016*0.037*36Kuiken et al. (2000)
HIV1Benv12360.020*0.0830.435>100Kuiken et al. (2000)
HIV1Benv3360.018*0.7130.773>100Kuiken et al. (2000)
H. sapiens mtDNACG120.1970.006*0.44215Awadalla et al. (1999)
H. sapiens mtDNACG490.7200.8020.7691.0Ingman et al. (2000)
  • Tests for recombination in empirical data sets using only SNPs with a minor allele frequency of at least 0.1 are shown. Sample details are as for Table 3.

  • * P < 0.05.