Genotype frequency classes assumed for the analyses

Gg,2Gg,1 (A, B)Gg,0
gQ(A, A)or (B, A)(B, B)Name
11.001.00000.00000.0000Pure Cutt
20.000.00000.00001.0000Pure St
50.750.50000.50000.0000Cutt Bx
60.250.00000.50000.5000St Bx
  • These are the six genotype frequency classes that arise from n = 2 generations of potential interbreeding. Gg,2, Gg,1, and Gg,0 are the expected frequencies of loci having 2, 1, or 0 genes originating from species A, as described in the text. The final column gives names that we use to refer to these genotype frequency classes.