McDonald and Kreitman tests

Synon.6250.0643 × 10−5 (***)
Synon.1254.800.127 (NS)
Synon.17425.140.066 (NS)
  • From McDonald and Kreitman (1991). Tests were performed using the program DnaSP (Rozas and Rozas 1999). Fix., fixed changes; Poly., polymorphisms; Repl., amino acid replacement changes; Synon., synonymous changes. NS, not significant;

  • *** P < 0.001.

  • a Neutrality index (Rand and Kann 1996).

  • b Comparison between six northeastern haplotypes (AF309002–AF309007) and seven Colorado haplotypes (U96254, U96256, U96258, U96259, U96261, U96263, and U96265; data from Norris et al. 1997).

  • c Comparison between two B. burgdorferi strains [B31 (U48648) and NY13-87 (U48649)] and four B. bissettii strains [25015 (U48685), CA128 (U48684), DN127 (U48683), and CA55 (U48665); data from Valsangiacomo et al. 1997].

  • d Comparison between two B. burgdorferi strains [B31 (X15661) and HB19 (X75200)] and two B. bissettii strains [CA127 (D82858) and DN127 (D82857); data from Fukunaga et al. 1996].