Tick source and Borrelia infection rate

Sample nameLocationYearStageNo. of ticksInfection rate (SE) (%)Collector/collaborator
Long Island
SI (LI1)Shelter Island, NY1996Adult5064.0 (6.8)J. Gebbia
WW (LI2)Wildwood State Park, NY1995, 1996Adult372, 19944.7 (2.1)E. Bosler
SP (LI3)Swan Pond, NY1995Adult7042.9 (6.0)G. Ugine
BH (LI4)Brookhaven State Park, NY1995Adult3363.6 (8.5)G. Ugine
CM (LI5)Caumsett State Park, NY1990Adult34NAcE. Bosler
NY2 (LI6)Fire Island, NY1997Adult4422.7 (6.3)H. Ginsberg
MP (LI7)Montauk Point, NY1998Adult4341.9 (7.5)M. Acosta
LI-nym(Multiple sites)1998Nymph3804.2 (1.0)M. Acosta
East Coast
MABarnstable County, MA1997Adult4032.5 (7.4)R. Mactier
RIWashington County, RI1997Adult4030.0 (7.2)R. Mactier
NY1Millbrook, NY1997Adult4080.0 (6.3)R. Ostfeld
NY3Dutchess County, NY1990, 1995Adult, Nymph33, 20NAcE. Bosler
CTTolland County, CT1996Adult4660.9 (7.2)S. Bushmich
NJMonmouth County, NJ1997Adult3930.8 (7.4)T. Schulze
PALebanon County, PA1998Adult392.6 (2.5)M. Acosta
MD1Cecil County, MD1997Adult3842.1 (8.0)R. Mactier
MD2Somerset County, MD1997Adult1181.1 (11.6)R. Mactier
NC1Currituck County, NC1997Adult427.1 (4.0)R. Mactier
NC2Washington County, NC1997Adult350R. Mactier
SCBeaufort County, SC1997, 1998Adult52, 303.7 (2.1)W. Golde
West Coast
CAPetaluma, CA1997Adulta60D. Taub
VanVancouver Island, BC, Canada1997Adultb300M. Morshed
  • a I. pacificus.

  • b Mixture of I. pacificus and Dermacentor spp.

  • c Not available.