Similarity among reported 9-bp TSD consensus sequences

TSD position
Hanley b450C>GT>CCT>AG/CC/AA/GG/AC
  • a Number of insertion events used to generate the indicated consensus sequence.

  • b These consensus sequences are shown as the reverse complement of the original reports by Cresse et al. (1995) and Hanley et al. (2000). These consensus sequences were derived from randomly isolated Mu transposons and, hence, there is no apparent reason for selection of one orientation over the other. The consensus sequence derived from the g18 sequences, however, is based on the direction of transcription of the g18 gene and therefore consensus sequences are oriented with respect to the g18 gene.

  • c Data from this study. Nucleotides shown in the consensus sequence have the largest chi-square value among the nucleotides that occur at higher-than-expected rates at each position. The symbols * and ** indicate that the chi-square value for that nucleotide is significant at the 95 and 99% confidence intervals, respectively. The IUB ambiguity code, B (for T, C, and G) is used for position 4 in the RescueMu and combined consensus sequences.