Summary statistics for 13 inflorescence development and morphology traits in a sample of 21 A. thaliana ecotypes

TraitEmbedded Image [VG]a[VE]b[H2]c[CVG]d
Bolting time (days)34.08 (16.26)251.926****74.2650.77238.47
Length of reproductive phase of main axis (days)19.05 (3.06)8.733****12.6170.40913.81
Time to maturity of main axis (days)53.13 (17.90)310.563****96.5640.76328.13
Rosette leaves at bolting12.81 (3.77)13.291****6.2780.67924.25
Rosette diameter (cm)1.47 (0.13)0.012****0.0620.1666.83
Plant height (cm)11.23 (1.99)3.677****4.6590.44115.34
Main inflorescence fruits10.28 (1.35)1.369****6.8510.16710.13
Axillary fruits8.60 (2.31)4.316****15.2090.22122.73
Nonelongated 2° meristems0.69 (0.44)0.137****0.8870.13444.19
Elongated axils2.69 (0.71)0.432****1.0780.28623.34
2° inflorescence meristems on main axis3.35 (0.59)0.287****0.8260.25814.73
Early flowers3.31 (0.79)0.551****1.1980.31520.67
Total fruits18.65 (3.29)8.882****27.6250.24314.65
  • a Among-ecotype variance component from ANOVA; tests whether genetic differences exist among ecotypes for specified traits: ****P ≤ 0.0001.

  • b Residual variance component from ANOVA.

  • c Measure of total phenotypic variance attributable to genetic differences among ecotypes (broad sense heritability) calculated as VG/(VG + VE).

  • d Coefficient of genetic variation calculated as Embedded Image .