Probabilities of the gamete genotypes produced by mother plants with different genotypes for the marker and QTL

M1M1Q1Q1Embedded Image 1000
M1M1Q1Q2Embedded Image ½½00
M1M1Q2Q2Embedded Image 0100
M1M2Q1Q1Embedded Image ½0½0
M1M2Q1Q2Embedded Image ½(1 − θ)½θ½θ½(1 − θ)
M1M2Q2Q2Embedded Image 0½0½
M2M2Q1Q1Embedded Image 0010
M2M2Q1Q2Embedded Image 00½½
M2M2Q1Q2Embedded Image 0001
  • a Embedded Image are the population frequencies of marker-QTL gametes, MrQs, which are randomly combined to produce diploid plants in the mother generation t.

  • b θ is the recombination fraction between the marker and QTL.