Plasmids used in this study

pGEX-4T-1Bacterial expression vector for GST fusion proteinsPharmacia
pRS315Yeast LEU2 CEN expression vectorSikorski and Hieter (1989)
pRS316Yeast URA3 CEN expression vectorSikorski and Hieter (1989)
pRS426Yeast URA3 2μ expression vectorChristianson et al. (1992)
pPS14831.4-kb PstI fragment with TIF51A in YCpLacIII LEU2 CENR. Zitomer
pPS1494Yeast Gal GFP-Rev URA3 2μTaura et al. (1998)
YIp5URA3 targeted integration vectorStruhl et al. (1979)
pCGF-1aYeast Gal GFP URA3 2μ expression vectorKahana and Silver (1996)
pPS1591TIF51A PstI fragment in YIp5This study
pPS1592TIF51A in pRS316This study
pPS1593tif51A-1 in pRS315This study
pPS1594tif1A-2 in pRS315This study
pPS1595tif51A-3 in pRS315This study
pPS1596TIF51A in pGEX-4T-1This study
pPS1597TIF51A in pCGF-1aThis study
pPS1598TIF51A in pRS426This study
pPS1599YOR137C in pRS426This study
pPS1600FspI-NotI fragment containing PKC1 in pRS426This study
pPS1601PAB1 in pRS426This study
pPS1602WSC1 in pRS426This study
pPS1603WSC2 in pRS426This study
pPS1604WSC3 in pRS426This study
pPS2440PKC1::HA in pPS1600This study
pPS2441pkc1-K853R::HA in pPS1600This study