Comparison of mating-type-linked AFLP fragments to sequences in protein databases

Sequence ID (Accession no.)LinkageLength (bp)SimilarityE value
XC/MG454 (AF398756)A2454Retroelement5e-07
XC/MG430 (AF398757)A2430Retroelement4e-07
XC/MA410 (AF398758)A2410Retroelement0.017
EC/MAC239 (AF398759)A1239Retroelement1e-04
EGT/MGA572 (AF398760)A1572Helicase2e-25
  • Similarity identified by BLASTx algorithm at National Center for Biotechnology Information. E value indicates the number of similar matches expected by chance. The DNA source was from the Giles County population, strain 135HT.