Uniparental inheritance of chloroplast markers

Individual progenyZygotesa
plus parentminus parentUP+UP−UP− (%)UP+BPUP−Exceptional (%)
Control cross (mt+ × mt)
CC-118 srrCC-12487 srr0 sr022000
mid-1 mt (Fusl) × mt crosses
mid-1 (Fusl)CC-42153 sprs42 sprr4495757
B32CC-195240 sprr74c sprs654151388
  • Individual progeny were scored as UP+ if they have the drug-resistance phenotype of the plus parent or UP− if they have that of the minus parent (of if they were among the few progeny that were clearly a mixture of sensitive and resistant cells). Zygotes were scored as UP+ if all the individual progeny from that zygote were UP+ , as UP− if all were UP− , and biparental (BP) if there were progeny of both types. Zygotes that are BP or UP− are considered exceptional.

  • a Only zygotes with three or four surviving progeny are included.

  • b Includes five progeny containing both sprr and spr cells.