Meiotic events

Event no.Tract configurationChange in lengthType of eventCrossover
1C78/Cii28(+62)Tract conversion, Cii28 → C90None
2C78/Cii28+1C78 expansionARO2 to CYH2
3C78/Cii28(−50)Tract conversion, C78 → Cii28None
4C78/Cii28−35C78 contractionNone
5C78/Cii28−10Tract contraction, Cii28 → C18None
6C78/Cii28(−50)Tract conversion, C78 → Cii28LYS5 to CYH2a
7C78/Cii28(+50)Tract conversion, Cii28 → C78LYS5 to CYH2a
8C78/Cii28+1C78 expansionARO2 to CYH2
9C78/no tract−2C78 contractionNone
10C78/no tract−16C78 contractionNone; gene conversion at LYS5
11C78/no tract(+78)Tract conversion, no tract → C78LYS5 to CYH2a
12C78/no tract(+78)Tract conversion, no tract → C78None
13C78/no tract(−78)Tract conversion, C78 → no tractLYS5 to CYH2a
14C78/no tract(−78)Tract conversion, C78 → no tractLYS5 to CYH2a
15C78/no tract+1C78 expansionNone
16D71/Dii28−24D71 contractionNone
17D71/Dii28−17D71 contractionNone
18D71/Dii28−21D71 contractionNone
19D71/no tract−51D71 contractionNone
20D71/no tract+25D71 expansionNone
21D71/no tract(>100)Tract conversion, no tract → long tractNone
22D71/no tract+4D71 expansionARO2 to CYH2
  • a A crossover occurred between LYS5 and CYH2, but the interval could not be determined.