Tetrahymena strains

StrainPhenotypeMutagenMutationDrug resistanceSource
Cu428.1Caps+Mpr/Mpr (mp-s)P. J. Bruns
SB210Caps+2-dgal/2-dgal (dg-s)E. Orias
A*Caps+Wild typeS. L. Allen
MN171Caps−NitrosoguanidineRecessiveMpr/Mpr (mp-r)Our laboratory
MN173Caps−NitrosoguanidineRecessiveMpr/Mpr (mp-r)Our laboratory
MN175Caps−NitrosoguanidineRecessiveMpr/Mpr (mp-r)Our laboratory
SB281Caps−NitrosoguanidineRecessive2-dgal/2-dgal (dg-r)E. Orias
SB283Caps−NitrosoguanidineRecessive2-dgal/2-dgal (dg-r)E. Orias
  • Strains that are wild type for regulated exocytosis as determined by Alcian blue stimulation are indicated as caps+ while mutant strains that do not secrete after stimulation by Alcian blue are indicated as caps−. Mpr and mp, 6-methylpurine; 2-dgal and dg, 2-deoxygalactose.