Plasmid loss

pTRP-MATα lossb (%)
gpal MPT5046 ± 42.1 ± 0.53.9 ± 0.52.6 ± 0.43.3 ± 1.000
gpal mpt5040 ± 7000000
  • a The SST2 constructs were expressed under the control of PGK promoter; these plasmids, as well as the vector and GPA1 control plasmids, contain URA3. The strains were MATa gpa1::LEU2 MPT5 and gpa1::LEU2 mpt5::ADE2.

  • b The strains were grown under nonselective conditions and loss of pTRP-MATα was scored. The data presented were the average of at least three independent experiments with standard deviation shown.