Summary of genetic mapping of mutants isolated in the suppressor screen

MutationGenetic mapping dataa
dsc-1(qm133) X[unc-3 lin15/dsc-1] unc-3 (15/51) dsc-1 (36/51) lm-15
Complements flr-4(ut7)
dsc-2(qm142d) V[clk-1; unc-34 dpy-11/dsc-2] unc-34 (6/41) dsc-2 (35/41) dpy-11
dsc-3(qm179) IV[clk-1; unc-33 dpy-4/dsc-3] unc-33 (17/61) dsc-3 (44/61) dpy-4
Fails to complement qm180 and qm184
dsc-4(qm182) IV[clk-1; dpy-9/dsc-4]
Complements flr-3(ut9)
dsc-5(qm141) II[rol-1unc-52/dsc-5]
rol-1 (7/37) dsc-5 (30/37) unc-52
dec(qm183) X[lon-2 unc-2/dec]
lon-2 (3/45) dec (42/45) unc-2
dec-7(qm166) IIIFails to complement dec-7(sa296) and qm178
  • a The genotypes given in brackets are those of the F1 animals whose descendants were scored to obtain two- and three-factor mapping data.

  • b Non-Dpy F2 progeny were scored for the presence of the qm182 mutation; the denominator represents the number of qm182 animals that were isolated and the numerator represents the number of qm182 animals that were also heterozygous for the dpy-9 mutation.