Yeast strains

NameRelevant genotype or descriptionaReference
W303-1AMATaThomas and Rothstein (1989)
W303-1BMATαThomas and Rothstein (1989)
LSY380MATα rad2::TRP1Fiorentini et al. (1997)
LSY485-2CMATa yen1::HIS3Fiorentini et al. (1997)
LSY491-3BMATa md2::TRP1 yen1::HIS3This study
LSY496-20AMATα exo1::HIS3Fiorentini et al. (1997)
LSY509MATa exo1::HIS3 din7::LEU2Fiorentini et al. (1997)
LSY543MATa rad57::LEU2This study
LSY568MATa mre11::LEU2Moreau et al (1999)
LSY569MATα mre11::LEU2Moreau et al (1999)
LSY716MATa mre11-H125N::UBA3::mre11-D56N, H125NMoreau et al. (1999)
LSY716AMATa mre11-H125NMoreau et al. (1999)
LSY726MATα mre11-H125N::UBA3::mre11-D56N, H125NMoreau et al. (1999)
LSY726AMATα mre11-H125NMoreau et al. (1999)
LSY968MATa exo1::HIS3This study
LSY615-1AMATa mre11::LEU2 exo1::HIS3This study
LSY615-1DMATα mre11::LEU2 exo1::HIS3This study
LSY967MATα mre11-H125N::URA3::mre11-D56N, H25N exo1::HIS3This study
LSY967AMATα mre11-H125N exo1::HIS3This study
LSY720MATα rad52::LEU2 met17-sna ADE2BÄrtsch et al (2000)
LSY984MATa mre11::LEU2 rad52::LEU2This study
LSY985MATa mre11-H125N::UBA3::mre11-D56N, H125N rad52::LEU2This study
LSY486-2AMATα rad27::URA3Symington (1998)
LSY702-2AMATa rad27::TRP1Symington (1998)
LSY702-3BMATα rad27::TRP1Symington (1998)
LSY706-3AMATa rad27-6Symington (1998)
LSY845-2AMATα mre11-H125N::URA3::mre11-D56N, H125N rad27-6This study
LSY845-12AMATα exo1::HIS3 rad27-6This study
LSY845-5BMATα mre11-H125N::URA3::mre11-D56N, H125N exo1::HIS3 rad27-6This study
LSY865-7CMATα mre11-H125N::URA3::mre11-D56N, H125N rad2::TRP1 yen1::LEU2This study
LSY865-8DMATα mre11-H125N::UBA3::mre11-D56N, H125N rad27-6 rad2::TRP1 yen1::LEU2This study
LSY1030-4CMATa mre11-H125N::URA3::mre11-D56N, H125N din7::LEU2This study
LSY1030-7DMATa mre11-H125N::URA3::mre11-D56N, H125N din7::LEU2 exo1::HIS3This study
LSY739MATα rad50S::URA3 leu2-K::ADE2-URA3::lu2RMoreau et al. (1999)
  • a All strains are derivatives of W303 (leu2-3, 112 trp1-1 ura3-1 can1-100 ade2-1 his3-11, 15); only mating type and differences in genotype are given.