Yeast strains used in this study

W303-1ASee materials and methodsWallis et al. (1989)
ELY117cch1::TRP1Locke et al. (2000)
JGY41cmd1-3Geiser et al. (1991)
EMY170cch1::TRP1 cmd.1-3This study
ELY138mid1::LEU2Locke et al. (2000)
ELY151cch1::TRP1 mid1::LEU2Locke et al. (2000)
K410sst1::URA3Elion et al. (1993)
EMY113cch1::TRP1 sst1::URA3This study
EMY119mid1::LEU2 sst1::URA3This study
EMY120cch1::TP1 mid1::LEU2 sst1::URA3This study
MT1153dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3Tedford et al. (1997)
EMY188dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 ste12::URA3This study
EMY134dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 cch1::TRP1This study
EMY138dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 mid1::LEU2This study
EMY124dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 cch1::TRP1 mid1::LEU2This study
EMY001dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 cnb1::LEU2This study
EMY071dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 vcx1::URA3This study
EMY096dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 pmc1::TRP1This study
K1133dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 tcn1::G418This study
EMY090dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 pmc1::TRP1 vcx1::URA3This study
EMY127CCH1-MYC::TRP1 sst1::URA3This study
K1119dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 sst1::URA3This study
EMY146dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 cch1::TRP1 sst1::URA3This study
EMY022dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 mid1::LEU2 sst1::URA3This study
EMY147dig1::TRP1 dig2::HIS3 cch1::TRP1 mid1::LEU2 sst1::URA3This study
EMY185bni1::G418 cch1::TRP1This study
EY707ste12::URA3Elion et al. (1993)
K436far1::URA3Chang and Herskowitz (1990)
BY4741See materials and methodsResearch Genetics
RG01173bni1::G418Research Genetics
RG01509spa2::G418Research Genetics