Tests for enhancement of mes-3 sterility by RNAi depletion of selected genes

cDNA clones tested by RNAiHomolog in DrosophilaEnhancement of sterility of mes-3a (%)Enhancement of sterility of mes-3/+a (%)Embryonic lethalityb (%)
T12D8.1 (yk273c7)trxYes (0–66)NoYes (>50)
C26E6.9a and C26E6.9b (yk11d12 and yk25g10)trx SET domainYes (92)Slight (11)No
T12F5.4 (yk40b5)ash-1NoNoNo
C52B9.8 (yk112b11)brmNoNoNo
F57C7.1A and 1B (yk52e6)fshNoNoNo
yk250a4E(Pc)NoNoYes (>50)
K07A1.12 (yk427g1)NURF p55Yes (83)Yes (25)Yes (>50)
  • a Double-stranded RNAs were injected into mes-3(bn35) dpy-5/mes-3(bn35) dpy-5/hDp20 mothers and their mes-3 (Dpy) progeny, and mes-3/mes-3/hDp200 (non-Dpy) progeny were scored for sterility.

  • b Embryonic lethality was scored among the embryos of the injected mothers.