Effect of butyrate on the E(z)Trm phenotype

Penetrance of T1 toward T2, T3 toward T2, and A5 toward A4 transformations (%)
T1 → T2T3 → T4
Genotypesap1ap3A5 → A4
E(z)Trm/+ (nipagin)199242
n = 1184n = 1134n = 243
E(z)Trm/+ (after 6 days 0.01 m Na-butyrate feeding)11**53**12**
n = 454n = 454n = 86
E(z)Trm/+ (after 6 days 0.05 m Na-butyrate feeding)11**51**8**
n = 384n = 388n = 99
  • Crosses between E(z)Trm/TM3 females and Oregon-R males were transferred from control (nipagin-containing) media to the same media supplemented with Na-butyrate at 0.01 m or 0.05 m concentration. After the flies were fed butyrate-containing media for 6–7 days, they were transferred into bottles containing control media and allowed to lay eggs for 3 days, and offspring hatching from these transfers were analyzed. See also Table 1 legend.