Distance between adjacent RNs on synapsed portions of zygotene SCs

SpeciesTotal no. of distances (μm) observed between adjacent RNsMean distance (μm) between all RNs on SC (SD) range/median
A. cepa1962.50 (2.25) 0.10–18.00/1.89*
C. betacea1161.61 (1.79) 0.17–14.97/1.08
L. longiflorum1920.61 (0.51) 0.06–3.15/0.46
L. esculentum3080.74 (0.81) 0.08–10.21/0.49
P. nudum1631.01 (0.73) 0.08–4.80/0.88
T. edwardsiana1810.70 (0.68) 0.08–4.88/0.48
  • Species with statistically different median distances between RNs are indicated with different superscripts (Mood median test; P < 0.001), and species with statistically similar median distances are indicated with the same superscripts (Mood median test; P > 0.05).