Frequency of ENs at synaptic forks compared to frequency of ENs along AE and SC segments

No. of synaptic forksNo. of ENs/μm SC at forksaRatio of EN frequency at forks to EN frequency on
SpeciesWith EN (%)Without EN (%)AEbSCb
A. cepa6 (46)7 (54)4.6277.012.2
C. betacea4 (50)4 (50)5.0062.58.3
L. esculentum9 (22)31 (78)2.2510.21.6
L. longiflorum5 (42)7 (58)
P. nudum27 (50)27 (50)5.0035.74.8
T. edwardsiana5 (38)8 (62)3.856.62.7
  • a The length of SC at a synaptic fork was estimated to be about the size of a nodule that equals 0.1 μm.

  • b From Table 1.