Molecular lesions and eggshell phenotypes of rhino mutants

Eggshell phenotypea
GenotypeMolecular lesion% wild type% weak% strong% dumplessnb
cn; ryNone99100568
rhi1P[ry11] insertion at nucleotide 55526663100
rhi1-S6Internal deletion of rhi1 P-element insertion9402724125
rhi2P[ry+; lacZ] insertion at nucleotide 26750142511296
rhi2-SL15Internal deletion of rhi2 P-element insertion16213825113
rhi2-S18/rhi2Internal deletion of rhi2 P-element insertion15577370
Df(2R)rhi2-L12Deletion of 5′ start siteNANANANANA
  • NA, not available.

  • a “Weak” refers to an eggshell in which fusion of the dorsal appendages occurs solely at the bases; all other aberrant phenotypes are considered “strong.”

  • b Total number of eggshells scored.