HKA test for difference in distribution of nonsynonymous substitutions between DR/HV1/HV2 and the rest of the S domain in a comparison between SRK2 alleles vs. a comparison between the SRK2 alleles and SRK15

Rest of the S domainaDR, HV1, HV2
Within-haplotype polymorphism data
Segregating sites (obs)120
Segregating sites (exp)8.653.35
Total no. of sites1112183
Between-haplotype divergence
No. differences (obs)3719
No. differences (exp)40.3515.95
Total no. of sites1113187
χ2 = 3.25P = 0.07
  • Sample size was eight. obs, observed; exp, expected.

  • a The regions analyzed corresponded to the regions indicated by the shaded bars in Figure 5a.