Summary statistics for original sample (eight alleles)

GenesitesSaπaθaDNhapHdivSub(i, j)H
janA720180.00630.0096−1.82*3*0.46**(7, 1)**−11.57**
janB973130.00360.0052−1.49*30.68(7, 1)**−9.21**
janA+B1693310.00480.0071−1.74*4*0.79(7, 2)**−20.78**
ocn569130.01030.00880.8530.61*(5, 0)−2.57
All2262440.00610.0075−0.9750.86*(4, 2)−23.36**
  • S, number of segregating sites; π, average number of pairwise nucleotide differences (Nei 1987); θ, Watterson's (1975) estimator of D, Tajima's (1989) D statistic; Nhap, number of haplotypes; Hdiv, haplotype diversity (Nei 1987); Sub (i, j), the most extreme subset of the sample, where i and j are the number of alleles and number of segregating sites in the subsample, respectively (Hudson et al. 1994); H, Fay and Wu's (2000) H statistic. Significance levels were determined by 10,000 random coalescent simulations on the basis of the number of alleles and the observed number of segregating sites. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01.

  • a Values in parantheses are for silent + noncoding sites only.