Germination percentage and fertility in wild type and homozygous GA biosynthesis or response mutants

PlantGerminationa (%)Seeds/siliqueb
Ler99.742.1 ± 1.2
rga-2499.340.4 ± 2.2
gai-t6100.039.9 ± 1.6
rga-24/gai-t699.67.6 ± 1.0
ga1-33.5 ± 1.3Sterile
rga-24/ga1-35.3 ± 2.4Sterile
gai-t6/ga1-32.1 ± 0.9Sterile
rga-24/gai-t6/ga1-33.1 ± 1.5Sterile
  • Values are means ±SE.

  • a A total of 220–310 seeds per line were tested. ga1-3 background seeds were tested three times, except for rga-24/ga1-3, which was tested twice.

  • b Fertility was measured by the number of seeds per silique on the primary inflorescence stem for 10 plants/line. For Ler, rga-24, and gai-t6, seed number in 14 siliques per plant was counted. Because the first 4 siliques of rga-24/gai-t6 were completely sterile, the mean was determined for siliques 5 to 36.