Septation indices of sepB3 snt double mutants

StrainGenotypeSeptation index
A28Wild type84.2 ± 2.2
ASH60sepB31.7 ± 1.2
ASH288sepB3 nimXcdc2AF69.8 ± 2.8
APK61sepB3 sntA140.0 ± 4.4
APK53sepB3 sntB169.5 ± 1.0
APK47sepB3 sntC168.2 ± 1.9
APK66nimX3 sntA10
APK67nimX3 sntB10
APK69sepA1 sntA10
APK70sepA1 sntB10
  • Conidia from the indicated strains were germinated on coverslips for 12–16 hr at 42°. Coverslips were stained with Calcofluor White and Hoechst 33258 to visualize septa and nuclei, respectively. For each strain, 200 germlings were scored for the presence of septa. The SI represents the percentage of cells that contain one or more septa. Experiments were repeated three times; data shown are the mean SI and the standard error of the mean.